Frequently Asked Question

about Conversion Van.

We cover some questions our customers ask us often:

I already have a camper van. Can you help me install additional equipment? +

Yes. Just let us know what you need and we’ll gladly help you.

have developed ideas for my van, but I need to discuss them with an expert first to talk them out. +

We offer consultation services if you have your camper van conversion with us.

Do you supply the van? +

No, it's your responsibility to provide the van. However, we do have camper van offers you can check. Please, check out the offer page.

Do I need to visit you physically, or can we do business remotely? +

You don't have to visit us to get the job done. We can always discuss your conversion van needs via video chat.

How much does it cost to build a camper van? +

The starting price of a custom build camper van starts from 85k. Your build price depends on features, finishes, and selected components. Please, note that this is for van conversion only.

Does the cost cover the van itself? +

No, you have to buy the van separately. We are professional camper builders and can help you with van conversion, but you have to provide the van.

Do you handle custom van conversion, and how do I start? +

We can help you with custom van conversion, where you can lead your design and build. Please start by filling out an application form.

Do you sell conversion vans, or do you only build them? +

Yes, we have conversion vans for sale, and we also design them. Please, check the available Offers for conversion vans for sale. For van conversion, please, schedule a meeting with us.

How long does it take to build a camper van? +

It takes 6–12 weeks to build a conversion van. However, it sometimes takes more than 12 weeks, depending on the design and build complexities.

Do you offer a warranty? +

Yes, you have a 1-year warranty on installations or materials. The manufacturer gives warranties to all equipment under different terms. Should there be a need for repair or replacement, we will help you with the claims.

Do you guys use quality components for your camper build? +

Yes, we prioritize quality and only use top-notch components. Our customers hardly have complaints, but if there's an issue, we'll be happy to fix it as soon as possible to give you an enjoyable outdoor experience.

Is financing available? +

Unfortunately, we don't offer financing at the moment.
Alternatively, you can check in with financing options such as lightstream.com, essexcredit.com, and gethearth.com. You can get between 4 – 20 years at competitive rates.

What type of vans are you currently working with? +

Mercedes Sprinter 144 and 170 wheelbase.

Converting your ordinary van to a camper van with Expedition Dreams is easy.