Build your dream

Build Your Dream

Converting your ordinary van to a camper van with Expedition Dreams is easy. You only have to follow the following processes:

Let's meet you

Our first step is getting to know more about you and your van needs. Do you have your vans available already? Are you looking for a pre-designed van or prefer a custom conversion van? Do you have ideas of what your ideal camper van should look like? What purposes will the van serve?

Kindly fill out an application form below. Alternatively, you can call us at (773) 758-5005 or email us at

Seal slot

After we have the necessary information about who you are and what you want in a camper van conversion, we’ll schedule a discovery meeting to assess the details of your project. We’ll discuss your budget, project timeline, and unique needs to see if we are among the best van conversion companies and the perfect professional camper builder for you. We’ll be happy to provide professional advice and referral nevertheless.

Layout Design

Now that we’re sure of being a perfect match, it’s time to go to the drawing board and bring your creativity to life. You can design a custom layout from scratch, perfect for most campers. However, if you’re open to using one of our trusted design layouts, we’ll be happy to present you with the options available. After we have finalized the design layout and received your van, we can begin to work our magic.

Let's get to work!

This is the most exciting part of the entire process. We’ll commence the van conversion after making the first payment. Our payment schedule consists of 3 main plans; 25% three weeks before your build slot date, 50% on the first build day, and 25% upon delivery. Unfortunately, it will be almost impossible to give you specific completion time for custom conversions, but we are open to sending you progress photos & videos upon request.

Project Delivery and Customer Review

Viola! Your dream van is ready for a ride. Get in, turn on the power, explore the interiors, feel the exteriors, jump on the bed and revel in its comfort.

Reserve 2-3 hours for a walkthrough. We will show you everything we’ve done and we’ll provide a binder with all the manuals.


(just for conversion, van not included)

Converting your ordinary van to a camper van with Expedition Dreams is easy.